2020 Desert Equinox Program


Calling for Poster Art about 'What Matters to You' in 2020!

In Australia's First Heritage City the Art Exchange is starting a TIME CAPSULE, as a digital archive for the future. Much is happening in Broken Hill and the Far West district. There are new urban renewal plans, the drought and Baaka - Darling River is dry, and temperatures are rising, along with more frequent dust storms and the desertification of the region. So in 2020 what matters to you... is it love, world peace, planting more trees, the plight of endangered species? Make a poster that describes how you feel and what you think. Email a jpeg to submissions.bhae@gmail.com before 1 March 2020 along with the form below to be in the Time Capsule.

Your poster  can be anonymous. However, the Art Exchange wants to be able to contact you, just in case the time capsule is exhibited in the future. If you choose to be anonymous then your name will NOT be credited with the work, perhaps consider using a nickname or a pseudonym if you don't want to be identified.

The posters will NOT be used by BHAE Inc for any commercial gain, and only for promotional, publicity and educational reasons, and one day we would like to exhibit them. If you have any questions please call us or you can drop of your poster (any size is OK) at BHAE office 313 Argent Street between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday.





Writers Collective inaugural meeting

Community News - Writers Collective
In Broken Hill on Monday 24 February a small group met at the Broken Hill Art Exchange to work out a regular meeting for local writers. The when, what and who where were readily agreed upon. Broken Hill writers are welcomed on March 30th at 11am to an initial venue of the Kitchen Gallery within the Art Exchange in The Grand 313 Argent Street. 

“I am keen to see local writers promoted. We have so much talent here.”  said Gigi Barbe.

“It will be a safe place to read our work aloud with feedback that encourage our words to flow,” offered Benita Jacino. 

“I am interested in opportunities to publish, competitions local, national and global”, contributed Albert Woodroffe of Silverton.

With all this out of the way the group started to read aloud each others' words and offer encouragement with pertinent remarks about voice, language and structure. "Find your voice" was a strong topic at this first meeting of the Writers Collective.  This originated in advice from a visiting author Cate Plink who ran a writing workshop in Broken Hill  early  February 2020. The group looks forward to repeating the successful and encouraging hour with writers on Monday March 30th  at 11am at the Kitchen Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange at 313 Argent Street. If you’d like to be part of this energetic and supportive session please bring your own or other’s words on Monday 30th of March or contact the collective by email: outbackcolours@bigpond.com



Submit your artwork for the BHAE Members Autumnal exhibition now!
Exhibition opens 20 March & registration closes Wednesday 18 March 2020.






The 'What Matters to You' in 2020 poster art time capsule closes. Last day to email your poster to submissions.bhae@gmail.com



March 9 & March 10

Drawing Classes for all ages

Monday and / or Tuesday

Call 0417 633 378 or email melinda,gladman@bigpond.com for bookings
Classes taught by qualified art teacher Mel Glisson-Gladman

"I studied Art in University and became a High School Art and Literature teacher for 5 years until I became a fulltime mum.  Although I remained creative in other ways my Art output lessened dramatically. 

However, since returning to Broken Hill four years ago, between part-time work and raising four beautiful children, my love for and practice of Art has been rekindled.  I am now an active member of Gaara Arts and have exhibited and sold work at the Broken Hill Art Gallery and Lifeline exhibition.   

Currently, my artwork is portraiture that expresses deep emotion or tells a story.  My main materials are pencil, pen, charcoal and soft pastels.  I prefer drawing as for me it is a very interactive and exploratory learning process.  I particularly love the problem-solving aspect of the process and bringing it to a resolved image.

This year, I am entering a new and exciting journey as an artist and looking forward to meeting and teaching a wonderful array of ages and abilities through the Broken Hill Art Exchange in facilitating and teaching drawing classes.  Through teaching I aim to share my passion and inspire others to enjoy art and have fun exploring and experimenting with different techniques and materials.  I also look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces."




FRIDAY 20 MARCH, 7pm - Postponed

 Dear Friends and Supporters, with regret, we are postponing our 2020 Desert Equinox Launch until a date to be announced. We were so looking forward to a wonderful launch featuring a lot of Broken Hill talent including the brilliant "Tha Boiz", and we know you were too. It's safe to err on the side of caution in uncertain times, and we'll keep you informed about our calendar of future events.
As the saying goes, "May you live in interesting times", thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm!  

The opening of the members AUTUMNAL ART EXHIBITION has also been rescheduled. The formal exhibition opening is regrettably cancelled, however the exhibition will go ahead with modified dates and times, which may be subject to change. 
Opens on Monday 23rd March at 10am
Access: Monday to Wednesday 10am to 3pm
Closes on Wednesday 15 April, 3pm

Desert Equinox Members Autumnal Exhibition.pdf Desert Equinox Members Autumnal Exhibition.pdf
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Writers Collective Meeting

Heritage Courtyard Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange 313 Argent Street. Email outbackcolours@bigpond.com for information



Thursday 9 - Sunday 12 April - Cancelled, for more information please visit the Broken Hill City Council website

Secrets and Scandals / Broken Hill Heritage Festival


The performance of Desert Pearls: An edited anthology of Her Presence / Women in history / Broken Hill 2020 by Cynthia Schwertsik and Susan Thomas with Willyama High School students at the Broken Hill City Council Chambers 240 Blende Street, Friday 10 and Saturday 11 April, 4pm has regrettably been cancelled until further notice.



FRI 7th & SAT 8th MAY
The events committee meeting held 17th March decided, after much discussion, to follow government advice and postpone this year’s event

Racecourse Road Broken Hill










Pack your bags Darlings... it's festival time!


10TH - 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020


The Broken Heel Festival brought to you by the Palace Hotel

Tickets available now 




Heritage Courtyard Gallery Art Exhibition

Broken Hill Art Exchange 313 Argent Street Broken Hill





     The Environmental Art Awards

presentation by Broken Hill Art Exchange

Sturt Park at dusk