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KITCHEN GALLERY, Heritage Courtyard

The Kitchen Gallery is located at the Broken Hill Art Exchange's Residencies @ The Grand 313 Argent Street, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. To apply for an exhibition please download the application form. This gallery is for hire by application with no commission on sales. 


Kitchen Gallery @ The Grand, Argent Street

The Saddlery @ The Grand, Argent Street

Past Exhibitions at STUDIO 3 Gallery @ Duff St

BHAE Residencies@Duff Street

David Dowden, 2014    
Trisha Baker, 'Journey' 2014
Elaine Moore, 'Bonanza Extravaganza: Skimp Dumps and Camel Humps' Exhibition 22 April 2011
Deborah Asmather, Tasmanian Printmaker Open Studio Gallery 12 - 13 Feb 2011
Eddy Wighton, 'Drifting Sands' Exhibition   25 Feb 2011
BHAE Members Exhibitions: Open Space 2013 - Matrix2012
The Gathering 
Indigenous exhibition May 2010
In May 2010 the Broken Hill Art Exchange Gallery opened its first show, The Gathering, showcasing this region's Indigenous artists. The group show was curated by Canberra artist Brenda Runnegar and local artist Susan Thomas
Among the artists in this inaugural group were nationally recognised artist Badger Bates, Eddie Harris, Waddy Harris, Debbie Bates and Vicki Adams.

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All images takenby Shikara Sky Dragut