Shane Vink

Desert Equinox Earth Art 2017
CATEGORY: Unnatural
TITLE: Lino Cut
ARTFORM: Painting, acrylic on canvas
DESCRIPTION: Every single man-made object on our planet may appear unnatural, but actually it’s all derived from the natural sources that our planet provides. With ‘Green’ choices being spoken about daily, it’s vital we learn to live in harmony with our natural world.
BIOGRAPHY: Vink is an imaginative and creative award-winning artist. He has had and continues to have successful solo exhibitions in many countries. He has been based in Broken Hill for the past two years where he finds the region inspirational for his painting. For more information about the artist visit
LOCATION: West Darling Arts, Town Hall Façade, 256 Argent St, Broken Hill
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Desert Equinox Earth Workshop 2017
Mural design workshops were held at the Broken Hill Art Exchange, conducted by BHAE visiting artist in residence Shane Vink, and local artists Ray Blick and Susan Thomas. There were six student groups from the MLC School, Sydney with up to twenty students attending each workshop. The students designed a series of eight different images depicting Albert and Margaret Morris and local flora and fauna, as a ‘Tribute to the Regeneration Area, Broken Hill’. Four images have been painted on the outside of the Broken Hill Art Exchange South side Art Centre and the mural has been submitted into the Desert Equinox Earth Art Prize.
Desert Equinox Solar Art 2016
Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, 404–408 Argent St
Public Category 
‘Embrace’ nature, the natural environment can be our best friend and greatest partner as we evolve!  
Shane Vink is an international exhibiting artist; his work is much sought after by art lovers and collectors alike. 
           Art Form:              
Painting Acrylic on canvas.   
Acrylic on canvas  
117 x 168 cm 

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