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Broken Hill or Bust Group!

Irene Harris; Water colour artists and Waverly Woollahra Art School Board Member (2018 - 2020)

Ann Fisher

Barbara Lewis

Heather Gordan

Georgia Nowak, Visual Artist in Residence

Exploring Hidden Ecologies

This project uses the landscape of Broken HiIl as representative of affected and devastated site that contribute to climate change. The abandoned mine sites of Broken Hill are visible scars that highlight the anthropogenic and terraformed landscapes of Australia. The sites will be documented in a film project for exhibition. The footage will combine with archival film and images sourced locally as a mechanism to link historical events to contemporary activity. A non linear approach to story telling will be employed to ensure disparate elements are interwoven, from the micro biology to the macro economy. This project is an ongoing investigation into material histories and the affect of resource extraction on the environment.

Ecological Gyre Theory by Chantelle Mitchell and Jaxon Waterhouse


"In Broken Hill, we seek to continue our research into Absence Taxonomies - recategorising the world around themes of loss, extraction and absence. We engage with these concepts through ecological and philosophical frameworks, and are currently working on a long - form text investigating this through site - specific case studies. We will work with archival and ecological material, focusing on the towns mining history, water scarcity and early settler colonial histories, mobilising framings of the ecomonument to explore historical regeneration schemes, alongside narratives of growth and transformation.

During this residency, we will develop a text for BHAE - exploring meteorites, notions of exchange and Deep Time regarding Broken Hill. We would present this as lecture performance., alongside an archival exhibition reframing our research and materials.

Mark Ryan, Visual Artist in Residence

Overlaps of Perspective: a research proposal with Broken Hill Case study
Marks current work practice is often concerned with visually recording his interest in the boundaries and borders that delineate ownership of property and resources (of any area, contested or not), including the histories of, changes to, and concessions made to those geographical constructs.

Michael Simms Artist Residency for painting

Memory, History & Light

Michael is creating a new body of landscape, portrait drawings and paintings that connect specifically to the region. He is fascinated by the rich mining history, dramatic landscape and isolated location of Broken Hill.  Since visiting family in Broken Hill regularly  throughout his childhood, Michael is returning as a trained artist which will allow the opportunity for him to delve deeper into his memories to create a meaningful body of work. 

Light is the most significant aspect of Michaels practice and so his relationship to the sun, and understanding its solar rays and how they transform the environment will be a large component of the residency. Michael trained at the Julian Ashton School of Art in Sydney and at the Grand Central Atelier, New York.

Shane Vink, Painter in Residence

The imaginative, colourist and whimsical paintings done by award winning Australian artist Shane Vink have become very popular and sought after by collectors and art lovers in many countries. Shane is a regular artist in residence at the Broken Hill Art Exchange, dividing his time between Melbourne, Singapore and Broken Hill.  He has an online gallery at where you are able to his artworks and latest creations by S Vink, as well as information about upcoming exhibitions and events.


Friday 19 March at the Silver City Cinema and

Saturday 20 March at the Civic Centre

The Perfect Light Film Festival. It kicks off tomorrow Friday 19 March 7pm at the Silver City Cinema with a screening of Firestarter.

Then on Saturday, head to the Civic Centre at 6pm for live music by Shelita Buffet followed by short films.

Sunday wraps up the weekend with a filmmaking workshop starting at 10am at the Civic Centre and it’s all FREE!

Come and see the best Australian Short Films absolutely Free but you must book at 



Kicking off the seasonal events for 2021 is the Perfect Light Film Festival! On the Saturday night, which is the March Equinox BHAE Inc. is launching its year long Desert Equinox program of events!

The Broken Hill Art Exchange is proud to have the opportunity to present an interview with the overall 2020 winner of our Desert Equinox - Environmental Art Awards Clark Barrett at the Perfect Light Film Festival.  His winning painting in the category of Fire was ''When the Campfire turns Metaphysical'. We hope you enjoy the short video highlighting Clark's work.

The other category winners  included AIR: Gail Bradie, 'Fae side of the Outback': WATER - Graeme Armstrong' Isobelle and Elizabeth, EARTH: Elizabeth Blackmore 'Out back Magic'. Young artists Abbie Kelly also received the Youth Encouragement Award for 'Through My eye's'  and Greg Comey was commended for 'Cuib'

The Perfect Light Film Festival
Now in its 4th year will go ahead at the Broken Hill Civic Centre with COVID safe distancing and contact tracing measures in place.


Free Art Workshops

Royal Flying Doctors @ The Wellbeing Place

Bookings on or follow the link at:


Desert Pearls: Art Exhibition

Commences April 1, 2021
Broken Hill Heritage Festival, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

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