Desert Equinox


Upcoming events, projects, workshops, residencies and exhibitions 


Broken Hill First Site
Eureka (Michael O'Hanlon) July 2021
 Melinda Giblet
Visual Artist July 2021


Mechanical Monsters
Caitlin Foster & Tim Coats June 2021
Wet Sign Dry Signal
 Sonia Leber and David Chesworth June 2021


Bev Kennedy
Guest of the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery
Jonathan McBurnie
Guest of the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery


Tuesday Browell and Carol Carney

River Bar Convoy April

Free Art Workshops
Royal Flying Doctors @ The Wellbeing Place
Desert Pearls: Art Exhibition
Visiting artist Cynthia Schwertsik and Broken Hill artist Susan Thomas April 2021

 Tim Coats

Verity Noonan June,

Lorraine Binnington 


Overlaps of Perspective
Mark Ryan, Visual Artist in Residence March 2021
Broken Hill or Bust Group! 
Water colour artists visiting galleries and observing the landscape. March2021
Memory, History & Light
Michael Simms Artist Residency for painting

March 2021



Shane Vink
Painter in Residence current

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