Aimee Volkofsky

Closing Event: The Desert Equinox Water Prelude Awards and Gala Night. Saturday 24 September, 7.00 pm
Broken Hill Musicians Club Auditorium, 276 Crystal Street
Aimee Volkofsky sings tales of murder, magic and cannibal love. Born in outback New South Wales she migrated to Melbourne to explore music and art in the big city and has recently returned to Broken Hill on a song writing expedition. Her latest project sees her setting out to write songs about Broken Hill, its landscape, its history, and her own connection to it.
Desert Equinox Earth 2016
Musicians Club (foyer) 276 Crystal, Street Broken Hill
Category: Natural environment
Art Form: Music, live performance and film
Medium: Sound & Vision
Size / Dimensions: Flexible 
Aimee Volkofsky sings tales of murder, and magic, and cannibal love. Born and raised in the desert, she has lived all over Australia, making music inspired by the landscape and mythology of the places she goes. Taking on many different forms and collecting music and art making friends along the way, sometimes you'll see her with a band, and other times she'll brave the stage alone.  
The Desert Lady songs explore the Broken Hill landscape and human history in relationship to it. Broken Hill’s mineral rich earth has made men and women wealthy and dead alike. 
Lured by the promise of fortune, many have made it, but more have lost their lives or livelihood in pursuit of it. In the Desert Lady songs, I too personify the Broken Hill landscape as a woman; from a fierce and unyielding ruler of men, to a generous and benevolent mother, to a sensual and vulnerable lover. She has been ripped apart and has offered her riches generously, but she has taken too. She holds secrets we will never know and men and women have been driven insane with the desire to possess her.

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