Anna MacLeod

Water Conservations
Anna Macleod is a visual artist and independent researcher based in rural northwest Ireland. Her work mediates complex ideas associated with contemporary, historical and cultural readings of place through a variety of methods, strategies and processes. She employs quasi-scientific methods, interdisciplinary collaboration, performance and socially engaged activism to critique contemporary landscapes and to build metaphoric spaces for reimagining the future. Macleod was in Broken Hill to continue her project titled ‘Water Conversations’, the umbrella term for an ongoing series of projects in progress since 2007. Articulated as a series of actions, small sculptures, posters, drawings and public interventions, the project explores the complex interstices between landscape, science and technology, culture and geopolitics. The collaborative aspect of the work has led to working partnerships with artists, scientists, cultural geographers, activists, engineers and local historians. 
While in Broken Hill Macleod recorded local interviews, involved the community in her video performance work and conducted a community poster making workshop. The workshop focused on making ‘positive images’ in response to climate change issues. The workshop resulted in a fundraising initiative to support environmental art projects. At the Broken Hill Art Exchange Community Workshop facility carry bags are being sewn from recycled fabrics and screen printed with text and images produced at the workshop, such as ‘Value the Rain’ bags. 


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