Annie (Rosemary) Graham

Desert Equinox Earth Art 2017

CATEGORY: Unnatural

TITLE: Recycled Water box

ARTFORM: Sculpture

DESCRIPTION: A fairy house made from 10 litre water box

BIOGRAPHY: I have an interest in gardening, animals and recycling. Anything that is unable to be used is a challenge to find a use for.

LOCATION: STUDIO 3 Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange, 3/147 Duff Street Broken Hill
Desert Equinox Air Art 2016

LOCATION: STUDIO 3 Gallery, 3 / 149 Duff St Broken Hill

TITLE: Behold the dust storm cometh

ART FORM: Photography

MEDIUM: paper, wood

SIZE/DIMENSIONS: approximately 2m x 1m

DESCRIPTION: This artwork depicts the entry to town after a dust storm from Wilcannia Road. Panoramic view of five photos in sequence. Annie is a volunteer at Broken Hill Art Exchange; a junk mail deliverer (walker); organic gardener – chooks, duck, pigeons.


Desert Equinox Earth Art 2016

Location: STUDIO 3 Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange 3/147 Duff Street Broken Hill

Category: Built Environment

‘My Backyard’
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“I am a horticulturalist animal lover, who doesn’t like waste and tries to reuse everything sometimes more than once. I would like to be more self-sufficient and not have to depend on the system. I don’t use any sprays around the house relying on a bug zapper for insects. This has attracted a frog who lives in the toilet tank. I have been into gardening and animals most of my life and would love to be a hobby farmer.”

Art form: Multi media

Medium: paper, fabric, wood, plastic, paint, foam, pencils and crayons

Size / Dimensions: 8cm x 92cm x 80cm

‘My Backyard’ is a visual representation of one of the recycling systems I have set up in my backyard.

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