Armando Licul

Desert Equinox Earth Art 2017
CATEGORY: Unnatural
TITLE: Fatal Attraction
ARTFORM: Sculpture (30cm)
DESCRIPTION: Acrylic + mixed media on wood panel -
Fatal attraction reflects the desire in humanity to replicate nature in our everyday life while we go about the business of consuming. Humankind currently consumes the equivalent of two earths, and while we deforest, dig, frack and artificiality our world we yearn to be surrounded by things of nature that provide us with a sense of well being, security and physiological comfort. Hence, as we plough through the resources of the natural world and leave our landscape unrecognizable, we emulate items of nature to prop by us, to reassure or remind ourselves that nature exists, will always exist, even while we destroy it. Fatal Attraction is an example of one of the extraordinary ironies humankind faces as we gobble up the natural world in the same breath we decry its destruction and desire its proximity.
BIOGRAPHY: Armando Licul is a returned Broken Hill local working with the BHAE on a volunteer basis as Project Manager and Treasurer. With over thirty years of experience in all areas of the performing arts, he has worked with most of the country’s major theater companies, and has toured productions extensively across Australia and overseas.
LOCATION: STUDIO 3 Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange, 3/147 Duff Street Broken Hill
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Desert Equinox Air Art 2016
Prize Art Exhibition
LOCATION: STUDIO 3 Gallery, 3 / 149 Duff Street Broken Hill
TITLE: ‘Susan’
ART FORM: mixed - sculpture
MEDIUM: Plastic, metal, glass 
SIZE/DIMENSIONS: 60cm x 60cm x 40cm

DESCRIPTION: Occupied space isn’t really occupied at all, the distance between matter that matters filled with molecules of air that both reflect light and change the direction of its journey. We are reflected in light, reproduced and proven to be as ephemeral as the very air that occupies us.
These mirror images of our friend Susan show that while we are ephemeral, we can also be substantial in our intensity. Armando has spent his working life in the performing arts as a production and stage manager. Now in Broken Hill he is keen to engage with the community to highlight and promote the Silver City.
Desert Equinox Earth Art 2016
Location: Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery 404 – 408 Argent Street  
Category: Natural Environment
‘Earth Mothers’ Equinox’
The oldest gallery in regional New South Wales which has won numerous heritage awards for restoration and refurbishment of the former Sully’s Emporium. 
Armando is a novice sculptor who lives in Broken Hill. With over thirty years’ experience in all areas of the performing arts, Armando has worked with most of the country's major theater companies, and has toured productions extensively across Australia and overseas. As a returned Broken Hill local he spends much of his spare time pursuing a growing passion with shaping old wood into new art, and when not covered in sawdust he writes.  
Armando is keen to engage with ideas and projects that promote Broken Hill as an artist's city and a place of inspiration for locals and visitors alike.
‘Earth Mothers’ Equinox’ are reclaimed wood figurines representing the stages of belief and evolution inextricably linked to the feminine: the mythological; the symbolic; and the anatomical. Bringing them together whispers hints of collaboration, knowledge and nurture. 
Art Form: Sculpture
Medium: Wood
Size / Dimensions: Height 40cm max – max 50cm width and depth 

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