Dawn Myree

Desert Equinox Water Art 2016
LOCATION: Outback Real Estate 13 Chloride Street (Town Square)
TITLE: Menindee Evening
ART FORM: Painting
MEDIUM: Acrylic and oil on canvas
DESCRIPTION: “Menindee Evening reflects the reliance on water. Without water trees die and the landscape becomes desolate and desperate. With water flowing new growth flourishes and all the environment is refreshed, restoring life and vitality.”
BIOGRAPHY: Dawn Myree saw Menindee Lakes totally waterless in 2010, then flourishing within two years. Her artistic journey began during her residence in Broken Hill, through workshops and mentoring. She continues to paint in oil and acrylic in Adelaide South Australia, in various genres. 


Desert Equinox Earth Art 2016
Holiday Textures 
April 2016 Workshop 
Creativity for Dawn is a lifelong pursuit:
manipulating paper, wool, cloth, string and copper and learning to dance and sing. Her Father designed and built wooden and steel furniture, tools, small parts and large machinery he innovated to fix anything in wood or metal.
She has built and renovated homes and gardens, designed jewellery, written poetry and developed personalised perfumes with natural oils and experimented with different visual mediums. 
To Dawn the creation of Art connects herself with others on a deep level. To revisit another time or place evokes a desire and hope for the future, giving a gift which may calm and reinvigorate. Art is an expression of her inner journey, it is as much about learning the skills to physically manipulate and represent forms as it is an intellectual and emotional way of communicating.
Using the notion of 'recycling' is an important aspect to sustainability. The workshop participants painted textures onto recycled materials to make unique gift boxes and personalised greeting cards.
Objects such as plastic spoons, forks, paddle pop sticks together with other inventive tools helped create unusual textures surfaces. The results were colorful and original pieces that re purposed objects as tools and made old things new again, each piece gave the discarded materials a second life.

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