Deborah Kayser & Nick Tsiavos

Desert Equinox Water Art 2016
Closing Event and Awards Night
The voice and the contrabassoon combine to create a rich aesthetic experience as they embark on an exploration of the shifting facets of Water, and its essential relationship to the human condition. Their collaboration creates an intimate sound-world that is as beautiful in its stillness, as it is intense in its violent energies. Sublime Ancient Chant, Minimalist stillness and anarchic Modernism are refracted through the prism and volatility of a new and dangerous Millennium.
One of Australia's most adventurous sopranos, Deborah Kayser's music practices span the centuries from Ancient Chant, the Baroque, to Contemporary explorations on and off the stave. As a long term member of Elision, Kayser has been at the cutting edge of New Music performance both nationally and internationally. With companies such as Chamber Made Opera, Aphids, and Not Yet It's Difficult, she has explored extending the possibilities of how the voice is used in these arenas.
Nick Tsiavos is a bassist and composer whose work operates at the intersections of a number of cultural boundaries: from the mystery and beauty of 6th century Byzantium and the 12th century Medieval West, to the instability and anarchy of the 21st Century. As long-time collaborators Deborah Kayser and Nick Tsiavos have toured all over the world, recorded critically acclaimed CDs, and are regularly broadcast over the radio.

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