Elaine Moore

Desert Equinox Water Art 2016
LOCATION: STUDIO 3 Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange 
3 / 147 Duff Street Broken Hill
TITLE: Six individual artworks entered (see below)
ART FORM: Abstract, acrylic mixed media
MEDIUM: Stretched canvas
CATEGORY: Ebb and Flow
BIOGRAPHY: My name is Elaine M Moore (AKA) Dame E. I now live in the Adelaide Hills. My heart has never left Broken Hill. I am an ex Broken Hill person, who has a great respect for the future of Broken Hill & district. I am a patron of The Broken Hill Foundation, since 20th July 2011. I am proud to exhibit in this art show, Desert Equinox, a Prelude to the Broken Hill Bienniel of Art at the Broken Hill Art Exchange. 


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