Ella Westermann

Desert Equinox Air Art 2016
Prize Art Exhibition

LOCATION: Sufi Books Broken Hill, 158-160 Argent Street, Broken Hill
TITLE: Take a deep breath
ART FORM: Painting
MEDIUM: Mixed media
SIZE/DIMENSIONS: Rectangular 700mm (w) 

DESCRIPTION: It is a very smoky scene, painted all in various yellow and ochre tones. In the background, indistinct images of soldiers and kind of fire work. In the foreground a lonely protestor holding a ‘Love is the answer’ sign. “I have arrived in Broken Hill only very recently, after having dreamed of moving here ever since I set foot into this lovely, hospitable place about ten years ago. After having been something you might call a Cosmopolitan Gipsy, finding a place to retire happily is a huge event in my life. Basically, a self-taught artist, who worked in galleries most of my life, I only started painting in my later years. Even so I have not done much in this field as yet, what I have done was well received. Art has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Expressing myself through art, no matter if it was acting, writing, painting etc. was a need I always had, something that has a sobering effect on my life. Being born in Northern Europe I grew up amidst art, but my journey as a painter only started late in life, after I was forced to find my abilities within my disability. I am actually an actress who paints and writes. Creativity is my way to open the window to my inner world and to welcome others to share this private world with me.