Gabrielle Connole

Desert Equinox Earth Art 2016

Location: STUDIO 3 Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange 3 /147 Duff Street Broken Hill

Category: Natural Environment

"Living in rural NSW I saw the flowering of the purple magnolia in my front yard every spring, the picking of raspberries every summer, and the playing of bingo at Pops nursing home all year round. It wasn’t until age five I moved to Alice Springs with my family, it was in the red centre I gained a fascination for the desert. I have driven through country Australia over the past year, drawing inspiration from portraits in the Torres Strait, King Island, Alice Springs and in the hidden waterfalls above Apollo Bay. It is in my untitled project that my performances draw deeper into our actual experiences with the landscape as I force a review of the honesty of connectedness to land. "

"This work looks at the newly complex relationship between humans and what is left of our natural environment. It explores ones draw to the land, in particular, the red desert, the ocean sands, the mountain grounds and the rocky seas. My degradation of connection with land is explored through the thorough shining of black boots in each landscape. As polish covers my boots so too does the eager landscape rather its salty water, red dirt or sandy ground, making my routine exhausting. I aim to bring ones’ attention to the importance of presence in our lands, the destruction that follows life times of distraction and the beauty of our home, Australia."
Art Form: Multiple Digital Film/Mixed Media
Medium: 5 small digital screens / Photographic prints
Size / Dimensions: Approximately 1m x 1m

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