Georgie Watts

Desert Equinox Water 2016
LOCATION: South side Art Centre STUDIO 3 Gallery Broken Hill Art Exchange, 3 / 147 Duff Street Broken Hill 

TITLE: Billabong Pond Life 

ART FORM: Textiles 

MEDIUM: Fabric 


DESCRPTION: ‘Billabong’ – an isolated pond left behind after a river changes. My work is a depiction of the life of a billabong using textiles with the use of three fabrics each representing Billabong flora and fauna, rain and water. 

BIOGRAPHY: I’ve always been into art of some form. Just five years ago I became obsessed with fabric while surfing the Internet and started buying it from the U.S.A. not knowing that very soon I was to be gifted with a beautiful granddaughter (Lily). As I looked longingly at my fabulous stash of fabrics I decided I needed to learn to sew so I could make her clothes. I used many, many tutorials until I was able to create beautiful children’s wear. As of last year I came across a wallet pattern. Thus I have used it as a concept for my entry into the Water Art Prize. 

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