Gigi Barbe

Desert Equinox Air Art 2016
Prize Art Exhibition
LOCATION: Front veranda, 411 Cobalt St
TITLE: Playing with Fire
ART FORM: Mixed - sculpture
MEDIUM: Various plants, felting, ply board, hair, printed cardboard, birds’ nest, bone, concrete, mosquito coil, acrylic paint
SIZE/DIMENSIONS: Approximately 80 cm x 60 cm
DESCRIPTION: This work depicts the arrogance of Man in the face of natural and self-inflicted danger. While travelling through Indonesia I had the opportunity to observe the sheer awesomeness of a live volcano crater and the smouldering effects of another which had erupted years before. Watching a BBC show recently in which an English family had decided to settle on the side of an active volcano in Chile led me to reflect on the defiance of mankind against the warning signs: we ignore the smoking signs of climate change and continue to violate the planet, playing with fire. French-born Gigi came to live in Broken Hill by choice four years ago, following a deep affinity with the Silver City and its surrounds. She is on a journey of self- discovery as far as art is concerned, learning from her contemporaries such as Ann Evers, Rick Ball and other artists who have generously run workshops for the community.

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