Graeme Gibson & Meg Bishop

Broken Hill Town Hall Façade, 256 Argent Street

Public Category

Equinox = Balance = Comfort

The major component of the artwork will be two upholstered armchairs with embroidered Yin Yang symbols. These armchairs will be produced by Meg Bishop. They will be accompanied by literary work in poetry or prose, known as Little Literature. The literary work will be produced by members of the public responding to an invitation to participate in a workshop based on a tour of the AGL solar plant. The workshop and installations of the literary work will be conducted by Graeme Gibson.

A Central theme of the artwork is Balance, drawn from the Equinox which is (almost) the same length of day and night. Or black and white. The armchairs provide Comfort to support reflection and conversation.
The workshop will explore what balance means to an individual, to a community (such as Broken Hill) and to a society (Australia).

Yin and Yang – two halves completing a whole; the starting point for change – may support an exploration of balance. May also pose the question of where is the tipping point? How does it matter?
Prior to the AGL tour, workshop participants will meet at the site of the public installation (proposed) for the Town Hall Façade). Following the AGL tour they will return to the installation to provide their literary responses. The workshop will encourage thoughtful group discussion and sharing of ideas to support collaboration. In keeping with Yin Yang/Black White theme participant responses will be installed on black and white boards.
Art Form:
Textile art with a little literature contribution in poetry or prose.

Fabric and hand embroidery on wooden chairs with a literary contribution.

Two medium sized armchairs with adjacent literary installation on white and black boards
The Yin Yang upholstered armchairs along with a simple conversation starter will support ongoing responses from visitors throughout the exhibition. These responses may be installed on a daily flip chart sheet.

For the duration of the exhibition Graeme and Meg will be present to assist visitors and encourage literary responses. Audio and video recordings are proposed to capture the event from workshop through to literary installation and exhibition openings.

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