Gunther Deix

Desert Equinox Water Art 2016

LOCATION: The Kitchen Heritage Courtyard Gallery, behind the grand guest house 313 Argent Street

TITLE: The Bridge

ART FORM: Painting / Layered Paper toll

MEDIUM: Paper, oils & ink



DESCRIPTION: This is a hand drawn layered paper toll of the bridge into Captain’s Flat and much more. The inks combine with oil paints to depict a cold, frosty, misty morning over the upper catchment of the Molonglo River. Part of the headwaters of the Murray – Darling. In this winter woollies and long - johns scene collective droplets will make a river.

BIOGRAPHY: Lack of formal art education allows me the expression of individual vision without the inhibition that often develops as a side effect of institutional training. My art is Outsider Art. I came from the gutter and now I’m back there.

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