Jared Reilly

Desert Equinox Air Art 2016
Prize Art Exhibition
LOCATION: STUDIO 3 Gallery, 3/149 Duff St Broken Hill Art Exchange
TITLE: The Reflection Within
MEDIUM: Mirror and pen
SIZE/DIMENSIONS: 1m (h) x 60cm (w)

DESCRIPTION: A poem about the reflections we all have and feel when faced by a mirror or reflective surface, wanting to change for the better from within yourself. I like to write poetry about past, future and the things we have to deal with on a day to day basis, though I usually keep them to myself. The Broken Hill Art Exchange helped me to get one of my poems out for people to see and read to judge for themselves what it means in their eyes.

The Reflection Within

Come from the shinning land of sparkly grass
here come the reflections of thy self, we can not pass
i'm not cruel tho full of wisdom and truthful as can be
my reflection into your soul it is you will be able to see
showing the pure imperfection that conumes us all
upon my surface you can look short, thin, fat or tall
could be your enemy or your main sourse of pride
also know when inside a part of you has slowly died
showing what to change a reflection of your age
the gliterning, shinny smooth image of your cage
threw doubble sided reflection of your soul good, evil
never anything from you, leaving your fre will
threw the glistening shard of time i show change
show the diffreance for anything in exchange
to help free you from your shackles an chain
release you of your imperfectons falling like rain
come from the shimmering land of sparkerly glass
here come the reflections of thy self we can not pass
convex, concave, square or round i make know sound
gateways to spiritual place's a key to the underground
an open door for all your demons, trapped enternaly
keeping you full of pride on the otherside externaly
embrase temptation to feel better while you look into me
helping enhance thy image to how you wanna be

© Copyright Broken Hill Art Exchange