Jenni Farrell

Desert Equinox Water Art 2016
Felt Makers Workshop

LOCATION: Broken Hill and Wilcannia

Presenter Jenni Farrell held workshops at the Kitchen Gallery, Broken Hill, introducing participants from Broken Hill, Wentworth and Menindee to felt-making techniques. Workshops will be held in Wilcannia on 18 September.
Prize Art Exhibition

LOCATION: Kitchen Heritage Courtyard Gallery, behind the Grand Guest House 313 Argent Street

TITLE: Dehydration

ART FORM: Textile - window / wall hanging

MEDIUM: Wool felt on silk fabric

SIZE/DIMENSIONS: Approx. length 3 metres x width 70cm


DESCRIPTION: The notion of water as life’s precious essence and the inevitable ebb and flow of supply inspired me to create Dehydration. Felt is an ancient textile and samples have been found in tombs dating back 4,000 years. In Mongolia today there are people making felt for their yurt houses and clothing, rug makers in Turkey and Russians making warm, felt boots (valenki) all using the same simple, traditional methods of wetting wool and providing some friction.

The felt technique used for this piece is called “Nuno” felt which was invented in Nimbin Australia by Polly Stirling and Sachiko Kotaka in the late 1980’s. In Japan the word nuno is to weave / woven and the wool fibres are felted onto woven fabric – as the wool travels through the holes in the weave. Materials used – Tissue silk fabric, merino wool, wool yarn.

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