John G Williams

Desert Equinox Earth Art 2017
TITLE: Handle with care
ARTFORM: 3D Tactile Sculpture 50cm (h) x 40cm (w) x 38cm (d)
DESCRIPTION: Plastic, paint, wire, a rock and glass diamante’s. The artwork is a tactile piece and a notebook is provided for comments to become part of the piece. For more information Phone 0448080488.- Hemispheric bowl with a starscape. A battered earth on a wire as the foreground. Prior to the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries we lived on the interest our earth provided. Now, post industrial revolution we have been drawing on the capital and the earth, our earth is paying for it. Earth in its natural environment is hanging by a thread, but you can lift it up, or spin it around, turn it this way or that and have a good look at it. She’s in your hands, handle with care. According to Greek mythology GAIA, the mother gave birth to this Earth. The father was the skies. Any Gods or God are realistic if you believe in them, or it.
So, what would GAIA thin to herself or any other God to see us mortals going full out to destroy their creation? If there is Gods or a God they’ve left us to our own devices and we are doing a great job of sending ourselves extinct. Its mass suicide on a global scale, anyone with common sense can see that this can’t go on. Are my kids or your kids or grandkids going to be the last, probably not, but we are heading that way – aren’t we?
BIOGRAPHY: John G Williams, Born Gippsland Vic. has travelled a fair bit, but still wants or needs some guidance. John says he ‘gives honesty and he likes the same’.
LOCATION: Jonnie Loves Noreen Vintage Memories 164 – 166 Patton Street, Patton Village South Broken Hill.
Desert Equinox Air Art 2016
Prize Art Exhibition
LOCATION: Jonnie loves Noreen Vintage Memories, 166Patton Street
TITLE: Taking Flight (Seascape)
ART FORM: Painting 
MEDIUM: Acrylic on board
SIZE/DIMENSIONS: 40cm x 60cm

DESCRIPTION: “Not much to tell really, I like seascapes, the waves look alright. The puffball dandelion represents the scattering of seed. Airborne little entities that may or may not create new life, even if it’s a weed. Lots of plants use this dispersal method. Remember when we were kids everyone puffed at them? Whether we called them little Santas or fairies. They were fun to watch drifting around on the breeze eh? I could write a book on it (my life). I left home at fifteen … and that was forty years ago, I have been around a fair bit.
Desert Equinox Water Art 2016
Location: Jonnie Loes Noreen Vintage Memories, 166 Patton Street, Broken Hill
Title: The sun going down over the iconic Darling River
Art Form: Landscape Painting
Medium: Acrylic on board
Size/Dimensions: 96cm x 65cm
Category: Ebb
Description:"The Darling River is in a bad way. The same river that explorers, writers, and poets described as 'Majestic' for nearly 200 years is now pretty well stuffed. The river that the Barkadji peoples have known and lived upon for tens of thousands of years is called 'Barka'. Barka was created by a great spirit, whether the rainbow serpent or the great cod. Sadly, their Barka doesn't exist as it did anymore. Europeans came along and cleared the land, cut down untold numbers of River Red gum to power the steamboats that plied the river, cleared away ancient fish traps, built artificial lakes and barriers to stem the rivers flow, and now we pump enough water from up river for flood irrigation that leaves nothing but stagnant puddles of water from Menindee to down near Wentworth. It's certainly not the first time that this river has run dry and nor will it be the last but the use of flood irrigation on land the size of some European countries from up the river to grow cotton has something to do with why kids in Pooncarie can't go for a splash. Downstream, the river hasn't flowed since December 2015. Cotton prices have gone up but what about price is the most well-known river in Australia worth."
Biography: "I'm still alive - just"
Desert Equinox Earth Art 2016
Jonnie Loves Noreen Vintage Memories, 166 Patton Street
Category: Built Environment  
‘An Abandoned Claim – 1915 (Diggers)’
John Williams is 53 years of age and he has had a go at most artistic endeavours, except country music.
“The piece depicts a mining claim that was deserted around 1914 – 1915. It doesn’t specify whether it was an opal mine, gold mine, sapphire or silver mine. It just states that those who created it were DIGGERS. A term that became synonymous with Australia’s armed forces (AIF mainly) during and after the Great War (1914 -1918), of the hundreds of thousands that enlisted for king or country, or just for the hell of it. Over sixty thousand died in foreign lands. 
Most of the dead came from rural areas, sons of the soil you could say, farmers, boundary riders, shearers, miners, timber workers. The list goes on and on at memorials and cenotaphs in virtually every town in Australia. The piece doesn’t say if these diggers survived the war. In reality a lot of the returned were scarred for life either physically or mentally. 
To return and go underground after three years of trench warfare, sounds daunting at the least, poor bastards”. The page reads: 
Belgium 15th September 1916 -
When the name I write here is dim on the page and the leaves of your book are yellow with age still think of me kindly and do not forget that wherever I am I remember you yet.
-Gunner, F R Bridges 10th Battery
“Gunner Bridges didn’t come back to oz. His blood and bones may have fertilized the poppy fields of Flanders. He might have been one of the thousands that abandoned a claim to go adventuring and see the world. That was what the recruiting officer told him anyway. Rest in Peace Gunner Bridges”
Desert Equinox Solar Art 2016
Jonnie Loves Noreen Vintage Memories, 166 Patton Street 
Private Category  
The Sundeck
“Basically a treehouse made from all natural materials.” 
Born Gippsland Victoria, John G Williams, is an average sort of bloke. He doesn’t really care about much. He doesn’t think that he has to, but some things bother him though. He likes art in all its form, as long as it’s good and well created. Signwriting helped him travel Australia and abroad, and he considers Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Nick Cave and other good musicians that attract his ear as influences, blues mainly, but the list is endless. He’d like to be a winner one day.

Art Form:             
Native Woods  
Height approximately 60cm, Width approximately 30cm

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