John Graham

Desert Equinox Water Art 2016

Opening Event

Animation: ‘The Boy who had the Magic Word’

This film, The Boy Who Had the Magic Word, (writer John Graham, animators Rebekah Pitt, Christine Peacock, 2005) is a contemporary myth, or redreaming, that works to reinforce existing ideas— about secret words and sacred knowledge—by connecting ancient storytelling traditions with contemporary animation and literary practice.
Animation: ‘A Star Stuck in the Cloud’

The story comes from a contemporary Aboriginal writer John Graham (Yugambeh clan) from the Gold Coast, Australia. Produced by Daniel Bartos in collaboration with Griffith Film School and FAMU in Prague. A Star Stuck in the Cloud is a story of a troublesome star, which needs a help from his friends to get back into the night sky. The story is also a contemporary fable, which reflects the harsh social reality of Aboriginal clans on the East Coast of Australia.

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