Johnathan McBurnie

The Broken Hill Art Exchange welcomed Johnathan McBurnie as a guest of the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery for his exhibition and workshop titled – ‘The Garden’

“The Garden draws parallels between the constructed worlds of pro wrestling and the presentation of constructed versions of the self. Interested in the jargon that circulates the pro wrestling industry and the wrestler as a flawed yet aspirational figure, McBurnie’s exhibition explores the willing sacrifice of one’s self (whether it be mental, physical or a combination of the two) as fuel for the artistic act.

McBurnie’s practice is a reaction to, or a divergence from, the unavoidable techno-capitalist status quo, holding up the tactile experiences of the studio as subversive and transgressive. Using collage as a compositional tool, questions of genre, form and media are abandoned in favour of a haphazard and interdisciplinary approach to narrative.”

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