Matthew Chandler

Desert Equinox Earth Art 2017


TITLE: Untitled

ARTFORM: Ink Drawing 423mm x 599mm

DESCRIPTION: Drawings from memory, what I feel, when I look at nature as it is.

BIOGRAPHY: Born and raised in Broken Hill, new to being an artist.

LOCATION: Broken Hill Art Exchange, Studio 3 Gallery 147 Duff Street, Broken Hill
Desert Equinox Water 2016

BIOGRAPHY: I am a local artist born and bred in this our ‘Silver City’. Only recently have I
started to show and display any drawings or work I have done. Hopefully the results of this competition will help me decide which direction (if any) to take from here. Also, to see more of a community that I can fit into and help improve to the benefit of all involved, would be something I’m happy to work towards.
LOCATION: Southside Art Centre STUDIO 3 Gallery Broken Hill Art Exchange, 3 / 149 Duff Street Broken Hill

TITLE: Liquid Gold

ART FORM: Mixed media

MEDIUM: Water tank + Paint



DESCRPTION: 1.2m cubed water tank with both illustrated and written content relating to the aqua of the region and its shared relationship with the land that we all call home.

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