Monica Rudhar

Desert Equinox Solar Art 2016
The Lodge Outback Motel, 252 Mica Street  
Private Category   
Metamorphosis is an ambient installation that causes the audience to pause, reflect, explore and absorb. The work in itself is reflective, however through an intimate encounter, it can unlock rich levels of awe and enchantment.  
Monica Rudhar produces performance-based works, sculptures and installations that are reflective of emotional states, personal experiences and personal awakenings. She delves into the human psyche in order to make intangible feelings and experiences tangible, visible and tactile. 
Transforming philosophical ideas into physical embodiment, she gives the audience an insight into her mind and personal experiences such as her vulnerabilities, struggles, relationships with others and the world around her. She hopes that through participation and viewing her work, the audience will gain a better sense of self, and have a greater emphatic understanding of human emotions and experiences. She wants her work to provide a cathartic release and leave the audience in peace, awe and bewilderment

Art Form:
Copper, Plastic & Solar LED 
Variable (4m x 4m x 3m)
“Thoughts and actions lie within me,
An accumulation harboring great ambitions
Waiting, waiting to emerge from their slumber
From a limbo they have woken
With only some making it to consciousness
I am unrecognizable from my late self” 

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