Peter Woodford Smith

'Lunar Module' by Peter Woodford Smith. A painting of the moon on the inside of a translucent dome, is invisible until the sensor is activated. Dimensions variable. Materials: oil paint on polymer, solar cell, battery, fluoro light, movement sensor.
Supported by and located at Patton Park, Broken Hill City Council

'Screen based work no. 26' by Peter Woodford Smith. Solar powered projection luddite technologies. Materials: TV, with legs. 
Supported by and located at Bells Milk Bar, 160 Patton St

In April 2012 artist Peter Woodford Smith, came to Broken Hill to scope possible sites for the Desert Equinox Solar Art Exhibition Broken Hill 1st - 23rd September 2012. Peter has located several sites of interest and will be producing artworks that are interactive, site specific and inspired by solar power. While in Broken Hill Peter was interviewed by ABC radio Broken Hill and 2BH HILL FM radio stations as well as the the local newspaper, the Barrier Daily Truth. Peter is photographed with one of his artworks exhibited at Buffer Zone ( an exhibition coordinated by Allan Giddy, Director UNSW COFA, Environmental Research Initiative for Arts

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