Potters Society

Desert Equinox Water Art 2016
Location: Silver City Mint and Art Centre , 66 Chloride Street, Broken Hill
Title: The Flow
Art Form: Sculpture on tiles (aerial vision)
Medium: Clay
Size/Dimensions: 140cm (l) x 1.10m (w)
Category: Flow
Description: The Flow of the river
The Potters Society has been operating for thirty-two years and has a group of twenty-eight members. The Potters run classes twice a week, as well as exhibitions, craft fairs and nursing home visits helping people make things out of clay, for more information, visit the broken Hill Potters Society Facebook.
Desert Equinox Earth Art 2016
Location: STUDIO 3 Art Gallery, Broken Hill Art Exchange 3 / 147 Duff Street 
Category: Natural Environment
The Broken Hill Potters Society was formed about 38 years ago. We are based in an old Scout Hall in Wyman St where we have our kilns. We have regular firings at our premises using electric, gas and raku kilns. Each year we have primitive firing at a member’s property where we have cowpat, pit, salt and sawdust firings. Craft Fairs and exhibitions provide us with outlets for the sale of our work. The work ‘Terra” consists of three hand built pottery bottles fired in cowpat kiln using all natural materials. 
Clay from the earth.
Cowpats from the paddock.
Wood from dead trees on the property 
Bottles coated with Terra Sigliata and burnished.

The Story of our pots will be in video form.
Art form: Pottery Sculpture with video story
Medium: Pottery & digital 
Size / Dimensions: 1m (h) x 1m (w) x 2m (d) and video monitor

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