Salma Peisto

Desert Equinox 2016 Water
Community Water Walls Mural workshop by Salma Peisto 
LOCATION: This Broken Hill Art Exchange and Fringe Festival activity took place in Patton Park on 4 September 2016
 The workshop was presented by artist Salma Peisto who invited the community to learn about stencil art and decorate the pods. The pods can be viewed at the Southside Art Centre, Broken Hill Art Exchange 145 – 157 Duff Street Broken Hill. 17 – 25 September 10 - 4pm
Artist, Salma Peisto 

“I studied textiles and printmaking at Charles Sturt university in Wagga Wagga, and I have run a small screen-printing business in Hobart called Kiswa which means a beautiful covering in Arabic. Most recently I 
have been exploring Islamic geometry and pattern, specifically the decorative tile work on the great mosque of The Dome of the Rock. What I have found is that the decorative function whilst being incredibly beautiful is not without meaning.
My approach to the water pod project is a continuation of my exploration in pattern and design, surface and form. By painting the shapes of traditional water vessels on the pods we can transform them. The silhouetted shapes of ewer, amphora, vase, tea-pot and jug help to remind us about how we use water and by the decoration of these shapes we are reminded about what a treasure our water is.” 




Water Pods Community mural project
Location: Southside Art Centre, Broken Hill Art  Exchange 145 – 157 Duff Street 17 – 25 September  10 - 4pm
A display of decorated water pods by the children of Broken Hill completed during the Broken Hill Fringe festival, overseen by artist Salma Peisto.

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