TAFE Western NSW

Desert Equinox 2016 Water
LOCATION: TAFE Western Broken Hill outside main office, 248 Argent Street 
TITLE: The Last Drop 
ART FORM: Sculpture 
MEDIUM: Steel 
SIZE/DIMENSIONS: 900mm square raised off the ground 
CATEGORY: Ebb (group entry) Graham Banks, M. Sforcina, Brayden Herffernan, Colin Clark, Garreth Rolton, Matthew page, Max Werch 
DESCRIPTION: The Artwork has been inspired by our ongoing water crisis and plainly states the end game for humanity and fresh water supplies.
“Water is an essential element of life, all life began in water and it’s clear that we wouldn't be around today if it wasn't for water. Broken Hill exists primarily because of mining; however, it only continues to exist as a thriving community today because of our uninterrupted supply. I have chosen Ebb to relate "The Last Drop" to, to my mind water is precious and I've experienced times when it has ebbed away to the point where you’re left feeling like it’s out of reach or even to the point where it is almost non-existent. Hence "The Last Drop". Equally it could be related to flow, when that flow is disrupted in some way, tensions rise surrounding water security. Civilisations have collapsed due to just such events. The concept of the last drop, simple in essence has been a powerful motivator in bringing this artwork to life. Since the idea came a little late in the scheme of things it took a lot of extra effort to bring it together and so to those people that held the door widely open to ensure this project came to 
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life, thank you very much. Regards Graham Banks” 

BIOGRAPHY: Graham Banks is a casual trades teacher at Broken Hill TAFE College and he believes this project to be a positive outcome for all concerned let alone what it may do for Broken Hill as a tourist attraction.

Desert Equinox 2016 Solar
TAFE Western Annexe, Corner of Kaolin & Blende  
Public Category   
“A sculptural helix inside a gyroscope backlit using solar energy” 
Graham (Chook) Banks is a teacher of TAFE groups whose units align with methods of construction. The artwork is a group entry by Year 10 students Sione Huxtable, Les Rowbotham, Steve Corradini, Nicholas D’Ettore, Jack Picton, Jordan Bloomfield, Ben Bowshire, Deklin Langdon, Tariq Odegaard, Max Werch and Robert Ferguson.
Art Form:  Sculpture           
Medium: Steel                   
Dimensions: 700mm Diameter, Approximately 10ft High 

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