The Broken Hill - Environment, Arts and Sustainability Hub  – Far West NSW.

The Hub Profile & Purpose
The Broken Hill - Environment, Art & Sustainability Hub – Far West NSW (The  BHEASH or Hub), is a concept, project and working partnership being developed by:
  • the Broken Hill Art Exchange (BHAE Inc),
  • the College of Fine Arts (COFA) at The University of New South Wales (UNSW),
  • Imaging the Land – International Research Institute (ILIRI) / UNSW
  • Broken Hill Landcare;
  • Vermiculture Australia,
  • Sureways - Employment and Training;
  • Broken Hill City Council.
  • The Broken Hill Olive Grove
  • Centacare Partnership Brokerage
  • Desert Knowledge Australia Outback Business Networks
  • Teacher - Dept. of Community Development at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).
The relationship between the Hub and its partner organisations is regarded as being central to the success of the project and the Hub as a project, should be based on good quality partnerships with regard for integrity, respect and mutual support. It is intended that the role of the Hub in relation to “Partner Members” should be one that encourages and where possible assists in the development of these local organisations. In the spirit of these intentions it is proposed that the Hub should:
  • Transparently discuss and identify any new project it would like to undertake and make sure any partner who has an interest in that area of work or enterprise is a fully informed party to discussions and consultation about the project or proposal.
  • Operate within the guidelines set down in agreed documents such as that in the revised version of the Hub Profile & Purpose Paper and in Partnership Agreements.
  • Determine whether or not a partner may wish to operate any new project and if not, make sure they have every opportunity to contribute to discussion about how it could operate.
The Hub and its project partners are also undertaking discussions about the future shape and direction of the project with Broken Hill City Council (BHCC), Broken Hill Aboriginal Community Working Party; The Olive Grove; The Canberra Institute of Technology; The Western Institute of Technology (WIT); Wilcannia Central School; Robinson College Education Centre; Charles Sturt University and The Enterprise Development Centre, John Harris (Broken Hill Centre for Community) dLux Media Arts and the Environmental Research Initiative for Art (ERIA), University of Sydney, Regional Development Australia Far West, Department of Rural and Remote Health, Broken Hill Youth College; Broken Hill Community Foundation; Patton Village Community and Business Association, Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce. Many of these organisations were involved in earlier development and consultative activities. The Hub is still in the early stages of development and the project partners wish to refresh earlier connections and are open to having discussions with other interested parties before the next Hub Meeting in July 2012.
The Broken Hill Art Exchange has agreed to auspice The Hub until such time as we are able to incorporate as an independent organisation during 2012.
Once incorporated, it is the intention of the Hub to:
  • Have General Members as well as Partner Members.
  • Actively encourage young people to take out General Membership of the new organisation and have reserved seats on the Board for young people  and
  • Have Patrons chosen from the various fields with which the Hub is involved.
It is our intention that the work of the Hub will:
  • Connect closely with and represent aspects of the environmental art movement and also include a community arts approach that will allow for strong community engagement with the project.
  • Form relationships and work closely with a broad range of education programs extending from the play needs of children, an emphasis on interactive learning and exploration for all ages, through to primary and secondary education programs, vocational, tertiary and adult education.
  • Provide opportunities and a context and networks for post graduate research, including residencies and the applied application of best practice land management and disturbed land remediation systems.
  • Work and network closely with Aboriginal people and communities and regional communities in semi-arid and arid environments.
  • Encourage creative and interactive presentation of environmental science information that takes account of best quality cross-cultural practice and will be readily accessible for the community and tourist sectors of the local economy.
  • Promote, project manage or partner with others in undertaking (community based) environmental programs, permaculture, bush food and productive garden projects;
  • Provide models of sustainable and environmentally relevant design, construction and technologies. Exploring and integrating changing technologies across communication, social networks and digital mediums
  • Seek to develop a broad range of innovative employment, training, vocational education, social and human service delivery models accessible for members of Broken Hill and other regional communities.
  • Include a local produce restaurant.
  • Seek to expand arts, environment and sustainability residencies in Broken Hill.
  • Contribute to the regeneration and upgrading of Wentworth Road and the Patton Village precinct
  • Seek to develop a Hub Centre in Broken Hill but actively adopt the concept of a whole of city and region campus for our work
  • Promote a well networked and dynamic life-long learning community that stretches from the local to the global and becomes a genuine community asset for Broken Hill.
It is our belief that the Broken Hill - Environment, Art and Sustainability Hub – Far West NSW, will be the first project of its kind in Australia and become part of an expanding network of environmental art galleries, hubs, museums and installations in other countries. In the development of the Hub, it is the intention not only to create and attractive sense of place for students, program participants, visitors, artists and researchers in outdoor spaces but also, to integrate environmental art principles with a sympathetically constructed  “built environment” at the Hub’s Centre. It is our intention that this should reflect the cultural & heritage values of Broken Hill and the region and highlight the need for sustainability and innovation in arid and semi-arid regions.

Contact: Susan Thomas 0418 157 758 or
Contact: Paul Adcock 0437 575 551 or
ILIRI, UNSW COFA: Louise Fowler-Smith 0413 692 033 or l.fowler-smith

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