Chantelle Mitchell and Jaxon Waterhouse

Ecological Gyre Theory by Chantelle Mitchell and Jaxon Waterhouse


"In Broken Hill, we seek to continue our research into Absence Taxonomies - recategorising the world around themes of loss, extraction and absence. We engage with these concepts through ecological and philosophical frameworks, and are currently working on a long - form text investigating this through site - specific case studies. We will work with archival and ecological material, focusing on the towns mining history, water scarcity and early settler colonial histories, mobilising framings of the ecomonument to explore historical regeneration schemes, alongside narratives of growth and transformation.

During this residency, we will develop a text for BHAE - exploring meteorites, notions of exchange and Deep Time regarding Broken Hill. We would present this as lecture performance., alongside an archival exhibition reframing our research and materials.

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